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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm back!

Hey there - after a few pretty entertaining weeks (the flu, finals, travel, etc.), I thought it would be nice to write a few words. Thanks to Chrenkoff for my very first crosslink! He puts together a great site.

So what has occurred lately? The re-election of President Bush, the election of President Karazai in Afghanistan, the re-election of Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, the death of much good news! The American, UK, Australian, and Japanese economies are doing quite well (growing at 2.5%-4% and unemployment less than 5.5%)....too bad the German, French, Canadian, and the rest of the "anti-Iraq" coalition's rate of growth in their GDP is less than 2% and their unemployment is between 7.2-9.8%. Sounds like the "Coalition of the broke and unemployed" rather than the virtuous!

What else is going on? Let's see...

News flash! Syrians actually like George Bush! "The same ideas came up again and again: he is a strong leader, an honest man, and, most of all, a believer. Like the winning margin of American voters this year, these Middle Easterners related to Bush's sense of religious conviction and his confident steering of a nation and culture they admired." (hat tip to Dissecting Leftism)

The Econopundit renewed my faith in the economy by letting me know that our household wealth is increasing. David Malpass opines... "On December 9, the U.S. Federal Reserve released its flow of funds figures for the third quarter. They showed an $804 billion increase in household assets to $57.0 trillion, another all-time high, more than offsetting a $259 billion increase in household debt. Consequently, household net worth increased $546 billion to a new record high of $46.7 trillion." It really IS the economy!

Powerline provides a bit of insight on the latest "failure" in the ballistic missile defense system that the United States has quietly put into operation over the past few months. Anti-missile missiles are now active in both Alaska and California to provide a basic, emergency level of defense for the nation as testing continues.

Austin Bay on StrategyPage does a great job talking about the upcoming Arab revolt in January. The point is that the revolt of the moderates and the democrats against an Arab past of totalitarianism and political repression is beginning...first in Palestine on January 9, and in Iraq on the 30th. It is interesting that elections in the Middle East are happening in areas occupied by democracies....and in lands where Arab authoritarian regimes have not been challanged, the people continue to wait for their voice to be heard. Interesting comparison...

Belmont Club also addresses this issue - and makes the claim that democracy and liberalism will literally be the agent of destruction for Arab/Persian Islamic regimes. Worth a read...

Instapundit got me going with the "shocking photo" that came out of Iraq - I hope the MSM runs with this one!

Davids Medienkritik is a great barometer of the German media. Sometimes I get distressed that the Euro/German media is too far gone for any kind of responsible reporting - they make CBS look absolutely rightist and factual. Medienkritik has a nice post today on Jeffrey Gedmin's interview that addresses German double-standards, bias, and the problems that we will face in trying to "bridge the gap" over the Atlantic.

Just some of the thoughts on the day!


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