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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Spanish call a truce with Al Quida...but Al Quida doesn't repay the favor

The Washington Times has an interesting article on a massive suicide bombing averted in Madrid.

"MADRID, Spain (AP) -- A Muslim militant schemed to punish Spain with the "biggest blow of its history" - a half-ton suicide truck bombing of the National Court aimed at killing judges investigating Islamic terror, including the Madrid train attacks, said a police intelligence report obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press."

Remember - Spain was hit by an Al Quida attack three days before its national election, the Socialists took over, and pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq.

"In a videotape recovered two days after the March 11 attacks, a masked militant claiming to speak for an al-Qaida group said the bombs had been in revenge for Spain's presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Conservatives who backed the Iraq war lost Spain's general election the next day.
On March 18, a group named for Abu Hafs al-Masri, a former top lieutenant of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, said it was calling a truce in Spain to give the newly elected Socialist government time to withdraw the Spanish troops from Iraq."

The Spanish Socialists did exactly what the terrorists wanted them to do.

"The plot suggests Spain remains a target for Muslim militants even though the new Socialist government withdrew Spain's troops from Iraq after taking office in April." Understatement of the year!

Spain again provides a stellar example of what happens when a nation abdicates its responsibilities and appeases terror. The Spanish Socialists will pay for their weakness for years because Al Quida and other violent groups now believe they have a reasonable chance of achieving their goals through terror. Not a good portent for the future American elections.


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